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Colour Combinations for Clothes – A Simple Guide

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Struggling to match the colours of your clothing? If so, read on to find out about choosing the right colours and colour combinations. 

Colour plays a very important role when it come to selecting clothes. Colour also effects our mood and our fashion sensibilities. The garment that looks beautiful on one person can look the opposite on another. 

Therefore, knowledge of different colours and the ability to identify the perfect colour for an individual can have a lasting effect on their whole fashion outlook. Picking colours suited to our own skin tone will enhance our features, bring vitality to our complexion and be much more pleasing to the eye. When done well, it just looks right.

According to the traditional colour wheel, the natural order of colour is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Colour Wheel

The colours which are side by side on the colour wheel work well with each other, because they blend well. These are known as analogue colours (e.g. Pink & Red).

Colours which are opposite to each other on the wheel are known as complementary colours, and these also work well even though they may come across as being too bold on paper. In reality, they complement each other and work well together (e.g. Green & Orange).

Shades of a single colour, but in various gradients are known as monochromatic (e.g. pink, light pink, baby pink, rose and hot pink).

Triadic colours (meaning three colours) also work really well in combination. These are colours that are a distance apart from each other on the colour wheel, forming a triangle, (e.g. green, orange and purple).

Harem Pants

Neutral colours (also known as earth colours) are shades of black, white, grey, and sometimes beige and brown, can work well to provide a calm and natural look.

Crop Top Trouser Suit-1

When it comes to choosing colours, there are various ways of putting together colour combinations. Below are a few suggestions for mixing and matching colours to find the right colour combination for your clothes, to help you create chic combinations that suit you.

White – will go best with black and other bright or dark shades.

Nishma White Skirt With Chiffon Top

Beige – match this with black, maroon, red, brown and green.

Large Beach Scarf

Grey – goes well with all pale and bright colours, and will also work well with maroon, light blue, red, and bottle green when grey is used as prime colour.

Lace Crop Top Trousers Suit

Sky Blue – these shade will go with all dark shades, but especially maroon, bottle green, pink, purple, pastels and grey.

Light Blue – try matching this with forest green, mint white and scarlet

Ridhi Soft Woollen Stolelengha sky blue with maroon

Pink – lots of options here. Try with cobalt, black, purple, light and dark or navy blue, grey, orange, tan, maroon and red.

Yellow – work it with black, brown, red, grey, navy and sky blue or beige.

Morocco - Laality

Orange – goes well with white, yellow, black, and green. Other colours that also work well are navy, sandy, beige, army green and purple.

Nina Asymmetric Silk Top

Black – all light colours  work well, but white and beige are my personal favourites.

Eleanor Net Skirt Suit

Brown – white, beige, black, red and green.

Brown Outfit Match

Red – works with white, pink, beige, navy blue, black and brown, or with lime, salmon, fuchsia and chocolate.

Red Jacket Style Silk Suit

Green – will work with beige, light blue, yellow, dark/navy blue, eggplant or black.

Vishwa Dhoti Suit

Light green – match with navy, yellow, tangerine and pewter grey or pink.

green & grey matchgreen & tangerine


Sea green – khaki, scarlet, peach or navy all work well.

sea green outfit sea green outfit

I hope the above has given you some insights into the basics of of colour theory, it will give you some confidence when matching your clothes, and help you to avoid colour clashes and mismatches.

A way to simplify the process of colour matching is to print out the colour wheel and stick it to your wardrobe’s door. The next time you pick out an item, just refer to the colour wheel and see what other colours in your wardrobe will complement it best.

If you are going out to shop and want to buy mix and match items, but not sure of the colour combination, why not carry a print of the colour wheel in your bag to refer to?

Thanks for reading!