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Harem Pants – A Garment for ALL Occasions!

Hi again everyone!

This week I wanted to talk about Harem pants and the various ways in which they can be worn.

The history of Harem Pants/Trousers (also known as Boho Hippy or Gypsy Pants) goes back almost 2000 years. Harem pants are believed to originate from the dress-like tunic called Dhoti, worn as a traditional men’s garment in the eastern world.

Harem pants were introduced to the west around 1910, and became popular in the west as baggy trousers, caught in at the ankle, suggesting Turkish style or something similar to bloomers. Around that time this design was seen as controversial, because western women did not typically wear trousers.
Harem pants made a major return to fashion in 1980’s, and are remembered for being dressy at that time. Over the years, Harem pants have gone through many design variations to eventually become the tulip shaped trousers that we see today.


Harem pants are known to be more comfortable to wear than any other trousers, making them a perfect choice for a relaxing evening or creating a serious fashion statement. They can be worn all year round as there are many different designs, fabrics and colours to choose from. Concerns about fit are eliminated as they all come as a single size. The pants have a ruched waist and are wide at the legs, whilst being fitted at the bottom. This makes things easy for women of all silhouettes.


The great thing about harem pants is that they are such a versatile wardrobe items. Floral and bright colours are definitely a summer thing, but if you choose plain colour harem pant, these can work all year round for casual use, formal occasions or even work wear.

For a casual look why not wear them with a crop top, body suit or a loose shirt. Pair them with an off the shoulder tee shirt, or a vest and throw on a denim jacket.

Harem pants can be used as part of a great evening outfit, worn as a dress with an ornate belt to give that fitted look, or as trousers with a silk top. Below I have provided some images of Rayon fabric harem pants worn as a dress, or together with a silk top. I have also shown harem pants made of chiffon fabric with a crop top, and also with a loose long chiffon cape to give that chic vibe.


Harem pants are also widely used by belly dancers, but they will work well for many other forms of dancing, as the photos below show.


Why not be bold and wear a harem pant for work (you know you want to!)? Go for a black colour, wear it with a silk or sear top, and a wear a blazer to give your outfit a trendy comfortable look.

Remember, harem pants can be dressed up or down depending on the kind of mood you are in. Wear them as lounge pants for relaxing at home, or dress it up a bit with a cross body bag to walk out the door!

So as you can see, there are so many ways to wear your harem pants. Why not try them all?!


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