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How to Create an Indo-Western Capsule Wardrobe

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This post follows on from my previous blog posts, Styling your Western Wear and Tips for wearing Indo-Western Clothing. These articles were about the different collections in your wardrobe, and how to use the items within as fusion capsule fashion. 

Most of us have different clothes for different purposes, and this takes up an enormous amount of wardrobe space. The problem becomes even worse when storing both western and Indian style clothing.  Many modern women like wearing western style clothing for its comfort, style and convenience, but sometimes would also like to wear Indian style clothing when the mood or occasion fits. The many different choices can lead to confusion and much wasted time when getting ready. So how do we overcome the problem of overspill in our wardrobe, without sacrificing our desire to look right in a variety of situations?

Usually, a capsule consists a set number of clothing items that are worn on a mix and match basis for an entire season before starting the next capsule. Clothing is only added to the selection at the start of each capsule season, encouraging you to remix and re-wear rather than shopping for new pieces every week or so. 

According to the many articles on the internet, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes and accessories that include only items considered essential. This collection of clothes can be used to form the basis of outfits for all occasions.

As this blog is generally about Indo-Western wear, I’ve offered some recommendations and tips below to help simplify your wardrobe, and use the fusion of both western and Indian outfits to create your Indo-Western capsule.

We all have different types of bodies, lifestyle and tastes, therefore there is no one perfect capsule wardrobe that will work for all. You will need to experiment a little until you figure out what works best for your taste and lifestyle, keeping your body shape in mind.

A capsule Wardrobe is typically built with 33 basic items, but as we are creating a fusion of indo-western I suggest starting with a small number of your favourite pieces and colours of clothing. Try the following items of clothing, which can be mixed and matched to make up your fusion wardrobe:

Jeans, trousers, Indian trousers such as plazzo (wide leg trousers), dhoti, herem pants, and any other trousers you would wear. 

Dresses, tops and t-shirts (both Indian and Western).

Skirts (including Indian Lengha).

Blazers, Jackets and stoles


Accessories – bags, scarfs

Shoes – Flats, heels, boots

From the above list, pick 5 to 6 of your favourite items from each  category. This will give you 35 to 42 items to try and work with until you are comfortable and find your style. This can then be broken down further if you wish, to around 33 items.

Just because you have chosen your favourite pieces, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your remaining items. Box these items, and hide them for a while. You can then revisit your boxed items after 3 or 4 months and swap any items as you feel necessary, or can give them to charity if you decide you no longer need them.

Here is some examples of fusion capsule wardrobe

Jeans are one of the basic items that can be used for your capsule wardrobe. Jeans can be worn with a shirt, t-shirt, jacket (Indian or a western style), and can also be worn with Kurti tops, Indian long tops or even with an anarkali. 

Jeans Capsule Wardrobe

Indo Western Capsule Wardr

Choose Plazzo pants (wide leg trousers) or a Dhoti, and create a fusion look by adding a shirt, tank top or a long anarkali top.

Plazzo or Dhoti capsule wardrobe

For Dresses and skirts, you could wear your Kurti as a dress, or add a legging to your western dress to give it an ethnic look. Skirts can be worn with a tank top for a western look, with an ethnic top such as a lengha to create that perfect indo-western outwear style.

Dresses & skirts capsule

Jackets and stoles can be added to your outfits to create an elegant look. Jackets & Stoles - capsule wardrobe

Jewellery, bags and shoes can be added to your taste, but I would suggest going for simple bracelets and earrings or jumka earrings, which will go with both western and Indian wear.

Accessories for capsule wardrobe

Bags and shoes in neutral colours will go with all your outfits. Go for a Tote bag, shoulder bag or hobo bag and a couple of clutch bags. I personally would go for high heels, but if you are not high heel fan, block heels or wedges could be chosen for a more comfortable wear. Flats and maybe a pair of kolopuri can also be included, as these will look fab with jeans. 

Shoes for capsule wardrobe

Why not give it a go, and create an indo-western capsule wardrobe. Overcome the overspill in your wardrobe by creating your perfect capsule. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and that it has given you the confidence to create your own capsule wardrobe.


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