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How to style your outfit for Autumn Chill

Dear Readers

After a short break for my summer holiday, I’m pleased to be able to share my latest blog post with you.

This week I thought I’d write about autumn fashion and wrapping up warm. We have had a wonderful summer, but as the days go by and the sun is shining, the mornings and nights are getting cooler and autumn will soon be upon us. 

As the temperature starts to slowly fall it can be quite hard to get outfits just right. On unusually warm days that you might forget to wear a jacket or an extra layer, only to find that the temperature drops quickly as the afternoon draws to a close. Sometimes you add too much and end up being too hot, and at other times you don’t add enough and end up being cold.

However, if you have the right accessories it can be easier than you think to get it right and look stylish.  The must have accessory to finish off your silhouette, by day or night is a  scarf, stole, shawl or a wrap. All are a great final touches for a stylish look, and make perfect companions to elegant evening dresses. At the same time, they cover the shoulders, upper arms, neck and back; helping to keep you warm on cooler evenings. A wrap made of cashmere or wool may also be worn over your jacket to wonderful effect.

How to best wear these items? The simple thing to do is to carry a medium sized, matchable colour scarf either in or tied to your bag, to protect your neck should it turn windy or chilly. In one of my my previous posts Best Ways to Wear a Scarf I gave you some tips on scarves. Scarves are a stylish addition to your outfit, and an excellent way to keep you warm, but sometimes they aren’t enough and something a little warmer may be needed. This is when a stole, shawl or a wrap is perfect.

A stole is typically narrower than a shawl, and is simpler in construction than a cape. It is usually made of expensive fabrics such as fur, cashmere, silk, wool or velour, wrapped and carried about the shoulders or arms, over a party dress or a ball gown.

Evening Stoleparty stoleevening dress with stole

When it comes to casual dressing there are plenty of ways to go. You can knot it, drape it or simply let it flow.

Peach Silk Scarfcasual stole

A Shawl is a larger rectangular/triangular/square piece of fabric, generally draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body. The shawl can be draped to accent an outfit for style purpose, or to cover bare shoulders on formal attire. Shawls are great for stye, but also to help keep you warm on cooler autumn days. 

A shawl can also be tied around your neck as a scarf.

Soft Woollen ShawlGrey Silk Scarf

Wear your Shawl looped around your neck. Add accessories like Coat, and boots to your jeans to give a glam look.

Shawl with jacket

Why not wear it as a cape, then drape it over one shoulder to look super chic.

Ridhi Soft Woollen StolePolyester Viscose ScarfPolyester Viscose Scarf

For a another stylish look, simply put your shawl around your neck, leave the ends hanging down, and then belt it. It almost look like you are wearing a sweater.

shawl as capeshawl as cape

Just let your shawl hang on your shoulders, or wrap it around you to keep warm and still look stylish.

Ridhi Soft Woollen StoleCream & Pink KhadiBlack & Cream Khandi Scarf

A shawl can also be worn over your Anarkali or Kurti as a scarf, and used to keep the chill off when needed.

Shawl as scarfshawl

A wrap is a more recent fashion term, and used primarily to describe shawls and stoles. Effectively, it’s a word used to describe any loose outer garment, or piece of material that can be wrapped around the upper body. Wraps are easy to style. For a simple look, you can drape the wrap over your shoulders and  arms, for a pretty cover and a little extra warmth.

Chloe Beaded Wrap – Navy BlueTess Mustard WrapTess Kingfisher Wrap

Wrap it around your shoulders, or add a colourful scarf on your wrap for an elegant look.

Tess Navy & Black WrapTess Silver Grey WrapTess Silver Grey Wrap

I hope you liked this post about styling your outfit for autumn. If so, please share with your friends!




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