Best Ways to Wear Scarves

Following my blog on choosing and wearing accessories, I wanted to write about various ways in which a scarf can be used as an accessory. I have to say that a scarf is my favourite and most versatile accessory, and one that can effortlessly elevate your outfit.

A scarf can be worn around your neck to keep you warm in winter, or simply draped around your shoulders to keep that evening chill out in summer. A scarf can be used to tie your hair up, to keep it off your face, or wrapped around your neck when the sun sets.

Scarves can be worn casually during the day throughout the year, or worn as accessories to polish your outfit. A scarf is an affordable way to dress your wardrobe and easily give you options to create a different and more glamorous look.

In order for a scarf to give your outfit a more polished look, you have to know how to wear a scarf. There are many shapes and sizes of scarfs and ways of wearing a scarf. As spring/summer is nearly here, let’s look at ways to wear a summer scarf.

In Spring/Summer I would go for a light weight scarf, for example a light pure woollen blend scarf, a chiffon/polyester scarf or a silk scarf. Spring brings the hope of warmer weather, sunshine and flowers. Using scarves with bright trending colours can help lift the mood and put a spring to our step.

As Easter is just a few days away why not choose a bright colourful scarf; that polka dot, tribal, floral, pastel colour with pattern, neutral or a patchwork scarf.

You could try using a scarf tied around your Easter Bonnet. Simply get a straw hat then just wrap the scarf around the bonnet lining the ends up and tie a nice double knot. It’s a simple as that to transform your look!


These are my favourite ways of wearing a scarf:

Going to be out all day but not sure of the weather? Spring time can be warm during the day but cool in the evening. Why not tie a scarf to your handbag and use it as a bag décor during the day and in the evening, simply drape a scarf over your outfit to keep the chill out. This will also add little colour to your outfit.

I also like to refresh my wardrobe without spending a fortune by simply adding a scarf to my existing pieces. By adding a silk or chiffon scarf to my neutral outfits, I can make them look refreshed and trendy. To refresh work outfits I would add a skinny scarf as a tie with my suit, or wearing it in a simple knot over my dress to smarten up my work look.

Have you ever tried using scarf as a necklace? Simply tie knots in your scarf at equal spaces and wear it as a necklace. Or create a beautiful braid by folding your scarf and looping the two ends at the top. Make a basic knot, ensuring you leave enough room to slip the knotted scarf over your head. To braid your scarf use the two ends and one side of your scarf as a middle part and start braiding. Braid it half way down your scarf throw it around your neck and let the ends fall loose and position the braided side left or right – Beautiful!

When going on holiday pack a nice pastel colour scarf (plain or floral). Add this to a T-shirt, or loop a scarf round shorts, jeans or a dress as a belt. I think this ideas really transforms simple day wear. Another option is to fold your scarf and wear it as a head bend to keep hair in place or use it to tie your hair in a pony.  Drape it round your head and neck, and wear it with a pair of sunglasses for that film star look.


If going to the beach or by the swimming pool I find taking a large scarf very useful as it can be tied round your neck or wrapped round you as a dress over your swim wear. You can also tie it round your waist as a skirt or sarong.

Internet and Facebook offer many more ways of wearing a scarf. It’s just a matter of matching the right scarf to your outfit and style.

I have included some of my styles below, and also a link to a favourite video saved from Facebook. Hope this inspires you to wear a scarf in different ways, and not just throw it round your neck!









Ethnic Scarf

I would like to add that a scarf is not only a western accessory. A Chuni/Dupaatta also known as a scarf   is worn over an ethnic outfit such as Lengha, Sulwar Kamiz, or Anarkali. Ethnic scarves can also be worn in many ways, and some of these scarves can be used with western outfits.

Here is a video link for you, so you can see what I mean.

That’s all for this post. If you liked it, please share it with your friends. If you have any other ideas for wearing your scarves, we would love to hear or see the comments.


Thanks for reading!


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