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Useful tips for wearing Indo-Western clothing

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A couple of days or so ago, we posted on the subject of Indo-Western design. We discussed the term and what it means. In this post we want to take that discussion a little further, and talk about how you can use Into-Western style in your wardrobe.

Indo-Western style is about combining different dress elements from Indian and Western heritages, mixing and matching both garments and accessories.

The beauty of fusion fashion is that the possibilities are almost limitless, providing endless scope for experimentation and personalisation. You can pair up and silhouette any which way, so long as you ensure it looks aesthetically appealing and feels comfortable. What follows are some basic tips that will hopefully give you the confidence to experiment with your wardrobe.

Indo-Western designs are meant to be worn flexibly. Don’t look at a traditional Indian outfit as a set of things to be worn together in a set way. Break it up, mix and match different items to keep things interesting.

Pair an Indian style beaded or embroidered vest with western style jeans for a casual and comfortable look. Great for day wear or an evening out with friends.

beaded top with jeans


You could pair western jeans with a long anarkali or kurti top instead of palazzo or salwar.

Anieka Long Embroidered TopNishma Chiffon KurtiZara Rayon Kurti

A simple dress with Indian accessories is a great look, and is one of the easiest ways to experiment with the style.

Why not wear a saree with a crop top or corset? The more modern twist is to wear a half saree with pencil line trousers.

Try wearing a patiala instead of your favourite palazzo pants to add an interesting and modern twist on the original theme. A Palazzo pant with a crop top, and a half dupatta as a scarf, will look chic and stylist.

Want to wear a fully western style silhouette? Indian style can be introduced by using Indian fabrics. Examples of fabrics that could be used are khadi, cotton, banarasi or one of the many silks.

Another great idea is to wear a simple A line dress or Kurti with an embroidered top or jacket looks fabulous, and provides a sense of easy elegance.

Neeta Jacket & Dress

Finally, don’t throw away all your old traditional earrings. These can be a great companion when looking for options to complete your Into-Western outfit. Style these with a Kurti top and jeans and dazzle!

Long Silver Earrings

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That’s all for today’s post. Next time we want to talk about sizing, as we know this can be a concern when ordering online…

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