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What to wear for your Christmas or New Year Eve Party?

A party is something we all look forward to. It’s an opportunity to dress up after all. Whether its a summer party, Garden party, BBQ party, Halloween, Diwali or a Christmas party, we want to look our best. However, it can sometimes be a challenge deciding what to wear. Do you sometimes draw a blank when trying to decide? I certainly do! I am never sure of what to wear, and I am sure it’s the same for some of you too.

Christmas and New Years Eve are fast approaching, so if you are struggling to find something to wear, or you are generally looking for party outfit ideas, here are some suggestions that may help you.

The obvious choices for a Christmas or New year party outfit are the little black dress, a red dress or something lacy, but why not try something different? How about trying a long evening dress, an all in one suit (jumpsuit), or a monochrome dress, accessorised with statement jewellery and a complimentary clutch bag to complete the look.

The type of party outfit you wear will depend on the occasion. Whether it’s a work party, informal night out with friends, a house party or a formal party. Below are some options to get you thinking.

Work Party

When attending a work party, you want to look professional, but still feel stylish. Pick an outfit that you feel is comfortable in, and don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour or piece of statement jewellery. 

  • Try a ruffle shirt with your regular work trousers, and add a bejewelled clutch.  ruffled blouseRuffled bluse & clutch
  • Dress up your monochrome work dress by adding shimmery shoes and statement                  jewellery.
  • Why not be brave and wear a blazar with a sequin skirt and high heels.

sequin skirt

  • Wear a fun top with classic pants, or a all in one piece.

You can upgrade a regular work outfit by adding statement jewellery, shimmery pumps, bright high heels, or a brocade blazer to top off your workwear.

House Party 

When attending a house party you can agonies for hours over what to wear, so just try to remember that when it comes to house parties there are usually no rules or dress-code (do check with your host though, just to be sure). All you really need to do is to make sure you look fabulous, whilst staying as comfortable as possible.

  • For a house party, you don’t need to worry too much about what footwear to choose, because you can wear anything from boots to high heels, or those strappy sandals you’ve been wanting to wear for ages. The best thing about house parties is that if you are uncomfortable in any pair of shoes you can simply kick them off!
  • You can go all out for a house party, or you can go totally casual. Both are acceptable.
  • Every one else can go in a party dress, but you can still wear a chic pair of jeans and your favourite pair of heels and look fabulous.

  • If the mood takes you, wear a summer dress and you’ll still be cosy as the house is likely to be warm. You just need to remember a coat or wrap for when you are outside.

Chavi Black Net DressBela Jute Embroidered Dress

  • You could decide to go all out and wear a glamorous embellished party dress or evening dress and it will be equally acceptable.

Net Embroidered Gown

  • Another option for a house party is to wear plazzo pants or harem pants, and dress them up or down as you feel.

Charvi Harem

Formal or Semi Formal Party

For a formal party you would generally wear something a little dressier than you would wear to a work or house party. Most formal parties are black tie events, where men wear tuxedoes, women wear long dresses, cocktail dresses or party separates. A little black dress is also acceptable attire for a formal party. 

Yamini Sequin Skater

Semi formal party wear is a dress down form of formal attire, you do not have to wear a ball gown,  but equally should not wear denim or a sundresses.

  • Wear a long flowing dress, or ball gown if being comfortable is a priority.
  • Sequinned or embellished dresses make an ideal outfit.

  • You can choose dresses that are little above the knee, on the knee, or at the ankle, but avoid wearing mini-skirts.
  • Choose satin, velour, silk or chiffon fabrics.
  • Some trouser-suits are acceptable as formal party, particularly those that look like an ankle-length skirt when worn.
  • For a semi formal party, a stylish all in one suit can be acceptable.
  • A black cocktail dress is always a safe choice, and a stunning look for a semi formal party.

Below are some outfit ideas for a formal /semi formal party wear.


Saara Glitter MaxiMia Net Evening Dress

Hope the above tips are useful and you find that perfect out fit for your party.


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